This is Top # 50+ Famous Defeat Quotes

Defeat Quotes: Hey there! Are you looking out Defeat Quotes? If sure, Then you might have come to a proper place the place you’re going to get Famous Defeat Quotes. Here, We Inspirational Love Quotes have gathered and printed among the finest Defeat Quotes so that you can share together with your family and friends.
Defeat is inevitable. It is bitter, however It teaches us rather a lot than victory. The defeat additionally makes us additional stronger to achieved our objective than earlier than. Every profitable particular person has skilled failure of their life. So, Never surrender and do not pessimist out of your failure and hold you objective. Hence, We posted among the finest Defeat Quotes so that you can conquer your objective.
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Top 50+ Famous Defeat Quotes

Best Defeat Quotes
Best Defeat Quotes

We mustn’t surrender and we must always not permit the issue to defeat us. – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The biggest check of braveness on earth is to bear defeat with out dropping coronary heart. – Robert Green Ingersoll

Defeat is a way of thinking, nobody is ever defeated till defeat has been accepted as a actuality. – Bruce Lee

Opportunity typically comes disguised within the type of misfortune, or short-term defeat. – Napoleon Hill

A person is not completed when he is defeated. He is completed when he quits. – Richard M. Nixon

I feel everybody ought to expertise defeat at the least as soon as throughout their profession. You study rather a lot from it. – Lou Holtz

Victory has a thousand fathers, however defeat is an orphan. – John F. Kennedy

The bitterness of defeat provides to the sweetness of victory. – Matshona Dhliwayo

When defeat comes, settle for it as a sign that your plans usually are not sound, rebuild these plans, and set sail as soon as extra towards your coveted objective. – Napoleon Hill

Defeat begins with the concern that one has misplaced. – Kobo Abe

Everyone needs to discover ways to win, however nobody needs to discover ways to settle for defeat. – Bruce Lee

Great Defeat Quotes
Great Defeat Quotes

Life is really identified solely to those that undergo, lose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat. – Anais Nin

Defeat is a faculty by which reality at all times grows robust. – Henry Ward Beecher

You can study little from victory. You can study the whole lot from defeat. – Christy Mathewson

The first step in our journey of prosperity typically is defeat. – Edward Counsel

The issues of victory are extra agreeable than these of defeat, however they’re no more easy. – Winston Churchill

Life has that means solely within the battle. Triumph or defeat is within the arms of the Gods. So allow us to rejoice the battle. – Stevie Wonder

No matter how laborious the loss, defeat would possibly serve in addition to victory to shake the soul and let the glory out. 

Defeat is not Bitter, Unless you swallow it. – Joe Clark

Victory is sweetest whenever you’ve identified defeat. – Malcolm Forbes

Never confuse a single defeat with a last defeat.

Defeat Quotes
Defeat Quotes

The biggest check of braveness on earth is to bear defeat with out dropping coronary heart. – Robert Green Ingersoll

Defeat is for individuals who, regardless of their fears, reside with enthusiasm and religion.

Once now we have a struggle there is just one factor to do. It should be gained. For defeat brings worse issues than any that may ever occur in struggle. – Ernest Hemingway

It is in experiencing and accepting the ache of defeat, that we might really acknowledge the enjoyment of victory.

The alternative to safe ourselves towards defeat lies in our personal arms, however the alternative of defeating the enemy is supplied by the enemy himself.

It is okay to simply accept defeat, but it surely is not okay to simply accept failure. – Tiela Selepe

The style of defeat has a richness of expertise all its personal. – Bill Bradley

A clever man fights to win, however he is twice a idiot who has no plan for doable defeat. – Louis L’Amour

Believe you’re defeated, consider it lengthy sufficient, and it is prone to turn out to be a reality. – Norman Vincent Peale

No matter how typically you’re defeated, you’re born to victory. – Emerson Quotes

Powerful Defeat Quotes
Powerful Defeat Quotes

Temporary failure won’t stop you from attaining lasting success. – Matshona Dhliwayo

It is not defeat that destroys you, It is being demoralized by defeat that destroy you. – Imran Khan 

Every motion we take, the whole lot we do, is both a victory or defeat within the battle to turn out to be what we wish to be. – Ninon de L’Enclos

Being defeated is typically a brief situation. Giving up is what makes it everlasting. – Savant Quotes

There are some defeats extra triumphant than victories. – Michael de Montaigne Quotes

You’ve bought to study to outlive a defeat. That’s whenever you develop character. – Richard M. Nixon

If you win, you needn’t have to clarify If you lose, you shouldn’t be there to clarify. – Adolf Hitler

We might encounter many defeats however we should not be defeated. – Maya Angelou

Defeat ought to by no means be a supply of discouragement however reasonably a recent stimulus. – South Quotes

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